Monday, 9 May 2011

English/Japanese wedding update...


Hope you had a lovely weekend. I was working saturday and sunday so not a lot of fun for me. I did manage to do some wedding planning today. I have now booked my wedding venue in York for my English wedding reception. It is in a traditional medieval building but I will be giving it a Japanese twist by hanging up origami cranes, lanterns etc etc. Still need to find my wedding invites though, and every company I approach to do bespoke invites are busy...BUT I have an excellent idea involving a manga portrait Rob and I had done in Kyoto last year, so I am going to work with that for now...I think it will give the wedding invites a fun element, which reflects Rob and myself's personality (I hope!).

I love origami!
 I am currently obsessed with making cranes, hearts and stars. It is so relaxing once you get the hang of it. I am aiming to make a couple of thousand cranes to hang up around the wish me luck : )

Worldwind X