Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mmm Onigiri...

I spent most of this afternoon making onigiri, also known as rice balls. I love making them and I take them to work and eat them on my lunch! They are really easy to make, can last a few days and can be re-heated. They can be quite filling too which is great if you need a little boost when walking to work or to school/college in the morning.

Clcokwise from top left: sushi rice, wasabi paste, nigiri mould
sesame seeds onigiri mould
 I got a sushi making kit last year for my birthday as well as these onigiri moulds. Onigiri are different to sushi as they are made with plain sushi rice (sometimes salted). Sushi rice is seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt which preserves it. Do not get them mixed up!

Sushi rice

Boiling the rice

Making rice balls is pretty self explanitory. I find 1 1/2 cups of rice is more than enough to make several onigiri and nigiri. Boil your rice for 15-20 minutes and make sure all the water has been absorbed by the rice. Stir frequently as the rice can stick to the bottom of the pan...and don't have your heat too high! Leave your rice to cool to a workable temperature. This is best done in a large glass bowl with a damp cloth placed on top.

You can make riceballs without moulds, this involves placing cling-film in a cup and pouring your rice in and moulding it that way. I like the moulds as they can be re used again and again!

Pack your mould with rice

Place the back on the mould and press

Remove the rice

Adding sesame seeds adds flavour!

Pickled ginger can be placed in the middle as
well as other fillings

Pickled ginger filling

Dried nori (seaweed)

Ta da!

There are many websites which give you more information on fillings. Popular ones include: pickled plum (umeboshi) and tarako (salted cod roe). I love this website which will give you all the information that you need!


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