Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Everyday kimono...

I think if I lived in Japan, I would try and wear a kimono as much as possible. I think kimono look stunning (for those of your who have seen Memoirs of a Geisha you will understand why). While I was in Japan last year I noticed a couple of kimono stores in the Kyoto, in particular in Gion. They were not for the average tourist to walk in and have a look around judging by the window displays...

I saw several women and young girls wearing kimono on the streets of Tokyo as well as Kyoto...

Photographs in Kyoto

On the street in Gion

Young girls in kimono

Elderly lady in Tokyo
The main purpose of this blog post is because I found a great picture of a young girl wearing a kimono with a modern edge. Unfortunately I would look rather strange walking around town if I was to wear what she is, but I think its great that young people in Japan are embracing their heritage whilst incorporating their own personality through the international medium that is fashion...

From the Japanese streets website
From the Japanese streets website

From the Japanese streets website


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